This was my very 1st venture into prosthetics.


From the moment I saw this movie back in 1985 I had wanted to make the black dress. Since I had just learned about I foam latex, I decided I would finally not only make that dress, but the Lord of Darkness too.


I was extremely lucky that my 1st attempt at a 2 part mold and 1st run of foam went so well, if it had not I am not sure I would have continued with this enjoyable medium. Although there are a few things I would change now, Darkness turned out so cool! He was, from tip of hoof to tip of horn, well over 8 feet tall.

Face: Foam Latex (sculpted with cheap kids clay)
Ears: Slip latex
Eyes: Stock printed contacts
Accessories: Eva foam, Fiberglass resin
Details, Eva Foam, Beadwork
Chest: Premade Stock
Feet: Synthetic hair, Wonderflex, Lifts
Fabric: Piles of Various
Horns: Couch Cushion
Grease, Shadow, Lip and Eye liner