Lord of the Rings - Elrond inspired armor.

This is one of my favorite commissions to date. I have been wanting to do a LOTR elven outfit for a while now. We collaborated on the scroll work design, the half helm and Doug knew from the start the color pallet he wanted. The whole out fit is versatile,

It can be worn with or without several components as well as reversed.

Jacket – reversible
Underskirt: two reversible panels can be attached
Sash: removable
Armor: Chest, hip, boots, vambraces, pauldrons, half helm
Cloak:  removable – attachable to jacket or armor
Cloak Topper: removable, reversible
Cloak Buttons: removable, interchangeable

Fabric: Silk and Microsuede
Trims: Hand embroidered & hand painted
Accessories: Clay sculpted/ resin cast/ leafed/ aged
Armor:  Tooling leather with custom stain
Includes: Existing boots were altered with leather details and wraps