This was my 6th prosthetic and the one I made for my in person audition for Syfy’s Faceoff. I wanted to create something vastly different from the things I have done previous – oh she was so colorful. Originally I was thinking of a sea based steampunky mermaid creation, but sometimes my brain and my pocket book don’t see eye to eye, so due to costs I had to scratch that one for now at least, and simplify.

I imagined her as a sort of sea elf, based on the brilliant coloring of the deadly Blue Ring Octopus, and with every accessory she wore being created from found items in the sea. A reoccurring theme with her is layers, like those on her nose and ears. Her nails and teeth are also layered, reminiscent of how sharks teeth form

I had originally sculpted a cowl with tentacles for her, but the foam run didn’t come out great and with too little time remaining, I had to find an alternative. Overall I adore her and I was surprised by how much enjoyed breaking out of my usual style.

Face: Foam Latex
Wig: Animal hair, stock but very altered
Eyes: Hand Painted contacts
Teeth: Dental Acrylic
Accessories: Eva foam, Latex, Resin, Felt
Fabric: Felt, Spandex, Sheer: Hand painted/textured
Pax, Shadows, Colored Latex, Lip and Eye Liners