This film was so fun and stressful yet it was also exactly what I needed at the time. I had had a near death experience two week before pre-production and even though the crew knew what had happened no one treated me weirdly!!

This is a 1960’s genre spoof of the Godzilla movies and it was a blast. We created everything. Sets with removable walls, sets from no walls, sets in front of green screens, and miniature sets in 2 different scales.

The 3 biggest challenges on this film were: the vintage beer cans that had to be unopened, the 500 floor elevator panel and the amount of math to get all the scales matching.

If any propmasters out there want to know, mid 60’s beer cans are the same height and diameter of frozen concentrate juice.

My favorite builds ended up being the fake airplane bathroom and the old control panel.


Shown: Vintage beer cans – originally all unopened.

Foam old style control panel 

Contact Paper and foam News Sign, Cardboard Towers, Water Tank, Whiteboard converted to Chalkboard

Foamboard Wall Speaker, Large Scale Train Window, Stop Motion Travel Dashes

Screen Printed Beer Boxes

Office Conversion, Desk Paint Job, Matching Fake Desktop for Puppet, Name tags

Old PC Vending Machine Covers, Elevator Panel and Floor Indicator

Carved Welcome Sign, Miniatures 2 scales

Plexi Window Sign and Menu, Food Packaging, Book covers, Cardboard Tv

Miniature Billboard, Matching Large Scale Fake Window

Fake Airplane Restroom, Cardboard Miniature Tents, Miniature Train Tracks