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If you need to have your item(s) by a certain date, let me know.
(Commissions can take anywhere from 3-7 weeks or more to make, depending on the complexity)

What is it your looking for.
(The name of the character and if the character wears more than one outfit, which specific outfit you want.
Or a list of the specific costume items you will need --hat, dress, gauntlets, etc.)

Not all of our body types may “fit” the character/costume we want it to.
With that in mind, please let me know of any special considerations that would effect the build.
(--wheelchair, gender flip, extra curves, no curves, etc..)

A photo or drawing of your request idea would be very helpful. It needs to be of decent quality so that details can be seen.
Just add a link to an image or attach it below.



*If you are under 18, make sure you get your parent’s permission before requesting a commission.

**Please refrain from solely submitting “just ideas”. Commission requests do involve my time. Thank you!