On request this costume needed to:

1) be able to get in to and out of in 5 minutes
2) be able to wear glasses under the mask
3) the mechanical hand had to actually shoot off.

Happily it does all that!

The most interesting part of this build, surprisingly, was the waist piece. The main part is wool. It was a 4 day process/experiment that came out exceedingly well. Not only does it look like leather but it feels like leather too.

To get in and out quickly the whole thing is just like getting dressed, and can be done by the person wearing it. The mask has a hidden velcro seam in the back under the hair. 

  • Face: Foam Latex
  • Eye: Resins
  • Hair: Synthetic hand punched 
  • Fabric: Leather, Wool & Hand painted, Hand Quilted Spandex, Memory Foam
  • Embellishments: Eva foam, Resin, Fiberglass 
  • Feet: Charcoal filter, Bondo, Eva foam, Great stuff 
  • Makeup: Pax, Powders, Lip and Eye liners