Member: IATSE 209
Propmaster | Production Designer | SFX MUA

I am a Visual Designer. I create elements that support narratives.

With a background in Multimedia Graphics and Theater, I have adapted my skill set to focus on Prop Fabrication, Costume Design and SFX Makeup.

It’s been a little difficult trying to put a single departmental label on what I do, as my passion is and has always been creating visual components of worlds to help tell stories.

Turning one thing into something else, an idea into a logo, clay into a creature prosthetic, fabric into a fantasy gown, scraps of metal into an alien weapon or even tape into life sized mannequins, it is all just guiding mediums to bring something that didn’t exist in to being.

My resume includes a wide variety of film, television, video content and theatrical productions such as: Haunt, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, Notzilla, Tortured for Christ and Strangers 2: Prey at Night. I was also a contestant on SyFy’s hit competition reality show Face Off. You can find more details at my IMDB page.

Over the pandemic lockdown, I started Hidden Realm Studios Ltd. A shop for handcrafted fantasy and horror inspired fashion accessories, home decorations and costume elements. It’s where I get to be freely creative and I have truly been overwhelmed by the support and joy from my customers.

No matter which fabrication hat I am wearing, my goal is simple, to create a visual that seamlessly lives in the world it was created for.