The Grand Witch Muriel’s wand was a fun little prop so I thought I would share more detail on how I made it.

My running theme rears its head here again – I wish I had taken more pictures. But I will try to explain the blanks.

The center stone is made from hot glue, glitter, ground stone and fingernail polish.  There is an LED inside of it attached to a small button and battery which is hidden inside the handle.

The vines are made from various thicknesses of wire wrapped in floral tapes. A little aluminum foil was used to bulk up some areas that was also wrapped in floral tape. 

The whole thing was painted to look like wood. The “stone” was hot glued into place and then the tips tied together with rattan twine. The button was then glues into place so that when I held the wand i could easily turn it on.

I wrapped the handle with a thin strip of leather. Secured it with a tiny piece of Velcro, so that I can access the battery and goo glued a few half pearls to the leather.

The final touch was to coat the tips with fingernail polish, that I had added dye to, to get a nice shiny dark red blood effect.