Before I got into working on films, I had a long career in graphic design and as a multimedia director. I still enjoy doing these type of projects and its so much more rewarding working directly with a client and being out from under an agency’s thumb. 

A small sample of traditional art projects

Gouache Still Life | Ink  Pointillism | Color Pencil on Matte Board | Acrylic on Gesso

A small sample of Graphic Design

Packaging Design | Mechanical drawing with animation | Dimensional Invitation | Logos | Infographics

PowerPoint and Storyline Templates | Early Learning Website Design and Graphics

A small sample of Flyers and Posters

A small sample of photo composites

Old Carnival Photo Booth Strip Prop | Vintage Photo Prop | Era Change E-learning | Tin Photo for Credit Roll | Era Change E-learning | Abbey Road Desk Prop

A small sample of Murals

Castle Perspectives 12 feet tall | Ladybugs under a canopy | Dinosaurs matching a favorite book | Tone on tone dragon